Plants for Autumn Colour

It’s a common misconception that as summer comes to and end, the colour in your garden does as well. But we’re here to tell you that isn’t the case! Take a look at out list of plants below that will inject some colour into your autumn garden.

Japanese Anemone

Available in beautiful shades of pink and white, Japanese anemones flower well into late autumn and keep going until the first frosts hit. The flowers carry themselves high above the leaves, and the plant can grow up to 4ft tall! They are also very forgiving of all soil types, as long as it is well-drained and kept moist, so are the ideal low-maintenance plant for some autumn colour.


Most nerines are tender and need to be grown in a greenhouse, however nerine bowdenii can be grown outdoors in a warm, sunny spot. Grown as a block or a thick row, nerines make a lively addition any autumn border, and will go on flowering until November.


Most asters flower in later summer into autumn, bringing welcome colour to borders and containers. All varieties prefer an open sunny or partially shaded spot in fertile, but well-drained, soil. Asters also make a great addition to coastal, cottage, informal and wildlife gardens.


Excellent for cutting and bringing some colour indoors, chrysanthemums flower well into late autumn and are the ideal choice for brightening up your patio. Regularly deadhead to keep the flowers coming, and make sure they don’t dry out during dry or windy spells.


Dahlias provide us with stunning summer colour and, if regularly deadheaded and fed, they can continue blooming all the way through autumn up until the first frosts. Lift once frost has blackened the leaves, and cut all foliage down to the tubers before storing in shallow crates or open-topped boxes over winter.

Crab Apples

The colourful fruits and foliage of crab apple trees look wonderful in autumn, and really bring some of that classic, fiery autumn colour to the garden. An ideal tree for smaller gardens, the fruits are also much loved by birds, so will keep your garden alive with wildlife activity in the late season too.

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